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Touching Lives: Amanda and Daniel

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School: A Welcoming, Supportive Family

Daniel and Marie Torres, his kindergarten teacher, work on an exercise.

Daniel is a kindergartner at St. Paul; his mother, Amanda, works in downtown Austin. Each day during her commute, she would pass a beautiful church building on Red River Street. One day during her commute, a banner out front announcing that St. Paul Lutheran School was enrolling. She had never previously considered a private school for Daniel, but found herself drawn to the school.

One quality that immediately impressed Amanda about St. Paul starting with her first tour of the campus was the level of involvement of the families, the church, the faculty, and staff. She says this involvement makes as much a family as a school. As a single mother, she initially found this degree of involvement a bit intimidating, and was even concerned that she and Daniel would feel out of place.

The staff at St. Paul immediately put her concerns to rest. “I am so thankful for the response I received from the first day I walked in,” she says. “I was met with encouragement: ‘We understand … we can help you!’” Now that Daniel has been at St. Paul for a few years, she says it is the best decision she has ever made. “I love knowing that when I drop Daniel off at school, he is in great hands.”

Daniel agrees that St. Paul is a great place, and he is excited to come to school each day. His favorite parts of the day are playing outside during recess, and eating lunches with his new friends. “He is a hard-working student who loves to spend the day in Kindergarten,” says Marie Torres, his teacher. “It is a joy to work with Daniel’s family to help him grow in the grace and love of the Lord.”

Church Provides Positive Role Models

Daniel helps Gary Jordan with the offering during a Sunday morning serviceThe friendships don’t stop with the school, though. Amanda and Daniel have also become part of the church family— Daniel was baptized on May 24, 2015, and Amanda joined through adult confirmation on June 28 of the same year. Daniel quickly became friends with the ushers, elders, and Pastor Nuckols.

These men have become role models in Daniel’s life, and he eagerly looks forward to seeing them on Sunday mornings. According to Amanda, “He says ‘I’m ready to go see my family!’” He can be seen, always smartly-dressed, helping out with the offering and other tasks during the service.

Because of these qualities, Amanda knows that choosing St. Paul was right for Daniel as well as for her. “It lets me know we have found our home at St. Paul,” she says. “The church and school have given us so much peace in our life it’s unreal.”

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