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Our Heritage

1937-school-brochureBEGINNING IN 1891, St. Paul Lutheran Church was the first Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod church founded in Austin, and we have been the mother church of all the Missouri Synod churches in the Austin area, giving birth to several daughter congregations.

Not long afterwards in 1893, St. Paul congregation began our long term commitment to Christian Education by establishing the first Lutheran Day School in the Austin area. The location of the initial church structure and school was at 13th Street and Red River, eventually moving up the street to 16th and Red River, where now the Erwin Center Auditorium Complex resides. Finally, in 1951 the St. Paul parish family came to rest at the present location, having the parish hall constructed in 1951, followed by the main school building in 1953, and finally, the present church structure in 1958.

Since 1893, over 10,000+ students from all walks of life have received a Christ-filled education at St Paul School. Over the past 125 years, our congregation has experienced many changes. One thing, however, that will remain a constant is God’s unconditional love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Our Lutheran School will remain, by God’s power and grace. We will continue to be a place where students, families, faculty, and staff members share and grow in God’s forgiveness, grace, and love.

St. Paul Lutheran School is a great place for your children to grow because we share Christ in all we do. Come along for a look at what might be just around the corner for you and your children. God may well be calling you to a part of our school’s journey in some small and/or mighty way. Your prayers and thoughts are always invited and welcomed.